November Gold’ is an absolute joy – an anthology of beautifully crafted poems by Hexham-born author Wilfrid Gibson, sensitively selected and carefully compiled by local historian, Hilary Kristensen.
All of the poems paint a picture as masterly as any work of art, whether celebrating the curlew’s call or lovingly telling the tale of Dandy Jack. It is this love, respect and sensitivity for the people, nature and landscape of his native Northumberland which run like gold threads through his sublime poems – each warp and weft of words so carefully chosen, perfectly placed, none wasted.
This monumental achievement is all the more remarkable, as he was writing between two of the bloodiest wars in human history – his sensitive eloquence powerfully recalling the savage butchery and unimaginable loss in such poems as Rupert Brooke and The Lament.
Today, the term ‘soul-mate’ is over-used, but in Hilary Kristensen, Wilfrid Gibson could be said to have found his . . . for she has captured his true soul, his sympathetic intellect and his kind and generous heart in this charming anthology . . . a timely reminder or a welcome introduction to the outstanding talent of one of Northumberland’s best-loved sons.

Dr Albert Weir, March 2019-04-17